publication incentive

It pays to use your Winnie & Walter goodies!

Winnie and Walter urged us to add some sort of reward for those audacious enough to get their Winnie & Walter creations published in magazines.  Send us the name of the publication and a picture of your work in a digital or physical publication or an email acceptance of your work from the publication along with picture(s) of your work.  Please also inform us of the email address you use for Paypal.

We will send $25.00 you (via Paypal) per issue/publication that your work is published in (please try to properly credit Winnie & Walter in your supply list).

If you are published more than once in one issue = $25.00.  If you are published in 3 separate issues/publications = $75.00 (3 x $25.00) 

Contact us at with any of your questions, publication information and the like.