Question: When do you release new products?

Answer: We try to do a new release 3 times per year.  

Question: Can you hold an order?

Answer:  I am afraid not.   Either I forget or it doesn't work out as smoothly as I had hoped.


Issues with Product

Question: My goodies arrived and there is a problem.  What do I do?

Answer: Write us at info at winniewalter dot com and we will get right on it!


Question: I have a problem with my digital downloads.  What do I do?

Answer: Write us at info at winniewalter dot com and we will get right on it!



Question: Are your stamps photopolymer?

Answer: Our stamps are high quality photopolymer clear stamps made in the USA with love.


Question: My stamps are loosing their stickiness, what do I do?

Answer: Usually the stamp is just a bit dirty (even the oils in our skin can cause issues).  Wash with a gentle soap and water.  Let dry.  This should solve the problem.  If not, please contact us.


Question: My ink is beading up on my stamp and I don't get a smooth image.  What do I do?

Answer: Your stamps may require a little bit of conditioning.  Sometimes in the manufacturing of stamps some residue may remain on the surface of your stamp.  Try one or both of these methods:

A. Gently rub the surface with a clean eraser, brush off the stamp and ink up.

B. Ink up first with Versamark ink before inking up with your other ink. 

If you are using Distress Inks, they tend to bead up because of their unique properties.  We have found some success using the Versamark ink method with Distress Inks. 


Question: I am not getting an overall good impression.  What do I do?

Answer: We recommend using a mouse pad, stamping pad or foam under your stamping surface especially for larger stamps for a better impression.


Coupon Code

Please make sure you apply your coupon code BEFORE checking out!

Question: I have more than one (1) coupon code can I use both.

Answer: I am afraid you can only use one (1) coupon code.



Question: Do you sell your cutaways (dies) and creative screenings (masks/stencils) wholesale?  Are you accepting new wholesale accounts?

Answer: I am afraid we are unable to do so at this point.  One of the reasons is simply limited time and manpower.  Winnie & Walter is comprised of 1 lady who works full time along with running Winnie & Walter.  


On Demand (Digital)/Digital Elements/Cut Files

Question: What are cut files?

Answer: They are digital files that can be used with electronic die cutting machines (like Silhouette or Cricut Explore) to cut out the designs.  You can also use the designs with the provided .png files to add the designs to your digital photos and the like using photo editing software like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

Question: I did not receive the coordinating digital elements/cut files for the stamp set I purchased.

Answer: We offer coordinating digital elements/cut files free with purchase for a 2 week period following the release of a stamp set or for specific sales.  If you did not purchase a stamp set during a free with purchase promotion, I am afraid you will have to purchase any digital elements/cut files separately.  If you purchased a stamp set during a free with purchase promotion and it was one of the stamp sets subject to that free with purchase promotion and did not receive the files, please contact us at info (at) winniewalter (dot) com.



Question: I have suggestions for a stamp set, product, etc.  What do I do?

Answer: We love to hear from you and want to know what you want to see from us next.  Write us at info at winniewalter dot com