wholesale inquiries

Yes, we do sell our stamps wholesale (and only our stamps), but we do so in a very limited way.  We are unable to add any new accounts at this time.  We thank you so much for your interest and really appreciate that you would like to carry our products in your store. 

If you are interested in carrying Winnie & Walter products in your store, please contact us at info@winniewalter.com with "wholesale inquiry" as your subject along with:

  • contact name and email address;
  • website address;
  • phone number;
  • mailing address;
  • EIN/TIN number, if applicable;
  • business or resale license number, if applicable; and
  • documentation issued from your state that allows you to resale items which may either be a business certificate or tax resale certificate (you can either email or fax it), if applicable.
  • how did you hear about us?

You may email the documentation to info at winniewalter dot com as an attachment or fax it us at (210) 497-6333.  We will keep your information on file for when we do start accepting new wholesale accounts.