about us

w&w closed their virtual doors at the end of 2019. 

A little history:

Winnie & Walter officially had their grand opening in January of 2014. 

Winnie & Walter began as the brainchild of two brilliant pups.  Yes, by pup we mean the four legged variety known for being adorable and loyal companions.  The world may have never encountered their like before nor are they likely to after. 

It was up to the humans in Winnie's and Walter's lives to actually produce what they had dreamt up.  Together Julie Mogford and J. E. Shay (better known as simply Shay) worked diligently to please the exacting standards set by Winnie and Walter.  Julie and Shay met several years ago in San Antonio, Texas through their shared love of stamps and this common passion has provided the foundation of their friendship. 

At the end of 2015 Julie Mogford, co-founder and designer extraordinaire, decided to step down for the best of possible reasons: to concentrate on her family and her health.  You can read more about it in Julie's own words HERE.

Julie's website is Julie Mogford Designs.  Please stop by and say hi to Julie and Walter!

w&w now:

Shay (with Winnie’s approval) continues to strive to fulfill the same ideals that she shared with Julie.

Our philosophy at Winnie & Walter is simple: to have fun creating and create products that are fun to create with.  Winnie and Walter are curiously thrifty and practical creatures devoted to getting as much out of something as possible (they lick their plates clean!)...this means we try to pack in as much goodness and value as possible into our products. We encourage you to use our products with what you already have in your stash and find the joy in mixing collections, brands, colors, designs and mediums.

We are a small boutique company focused upon spreading love and appreciation.  Each order, like/follow on social media, comment and project made with w&w products is precious to us.  We want you to feel valued by w&w because you are.  We can't say thank you enough.  It is our privileged and honor that you choose to make w&w part of your crafting.  

About Winnie:

Winnie enjoys food of all sorts, long walks in the park and chewing on rocks.  She's bashful around strangers, but is super sweet as she loves to give hugs and kisses.  She is also a stern taskmaster staying in the studio until the wee hours making sure her human is hard at work crafting and producing results. 

About Shay:

Shay works full time as a legal assistant during the day and her nights are filled with w&w jobs like helping Winnie fulfill orders.  Shay wants to be one of The Talent (w&w creative team) when she grows up, but she has a long way to go!  Shay's creative attempts can be found on the w&w blog.  Shay's (dusty and cobweb infested) personal blog is verdigris hall.

Any questions, concerns, suggestions, want to share a link or picture of your fabulous art or simply want to know Winnie's favorite color, contact Winnie or Shay at: info@winniewalter.com.  We would love to hear from you!